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The Juice Factory (now referred to as TJF) was established in 1993 by Charles Baitz who has been in the juice industry for the past 40 odd years and has established itself as one of the leading Fruit juice Suppliers in the industry. Also known as Charlie and the Juice Factory has seen juice Companies come and go and believes that the only way to maintain and stay in the industry is to offer the best possible product coupled with the good service and price factor.

The Juice Industry is occupied by some of the biggest companies in the world, and the only way to remain in the industry is to not step on their toes. With this in mind the only avenue is obviously to offer top quality, service and affordable prices.

Our top quality product carries a 7 day shelf life guarantee, naturally getting a better shelf life entails loosing quality in the overall product. You cannot extend the shelf life without loosing quality of product.
We have got longer shelf life ranges. Obviously the choice is in the consumer decision as to what suites his/hers business requirements. It is possible to achieve 100% fruit juice, mixing and blending required flavor with de-flavoured fruit juice the likes of de-flavoured apple or de-flavoured grape. It might be 100% fruit juice, but is not 100% orange or guava or pineapple. When we say the product is orange juice, that is what it is orange juice and orange juice only.

With all this information revealed to you I ask you to test our product by requesting samples and see for yourself we are processor of the finest fruit juice in the country and by utilizing this product you will enhance your own business and ensure that all your customers are guaranteed only the finest fruit juice.
Charles Baitz
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Phone the office on 011 440 1900 or email

To request our price structure and a application for service to be emailed to you. To open an account usually takes a few hours.

Service can be as quick as that. Should you want a credit facility 7 day account or 30 day account, this takes a little longer and can be established within 1 day of application.


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Our sales team will be only happy to attend to your needs and, if in the Gauteng region, will come out to see you with samples and to answer all your questions.

Phone the above landline or phone 084 507 7466, for our representative to come out and see you.

An account Manager will be assigned to you to ensure that you get the best possible service at all times.
The Juice Factory has achieved LEVEL 3 BEE Certification